XX Miscellaneous plots

XX - Miscellaneous Plots

This notebook contains code to generate some of the plots that were created for visual representation.

The code for these plots were either not immediately useful in that particular module or for UCSL course. These plots are only provided for completion of the notes.

In [2]:
# Boilerplate imports
%matplotlib inline
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import numpy as np

Plot for all the markers in Matplotlib

In [4]:
xs, ys = np.mgrid[:4, 9:0:-1]
markers = [".", "+", ",", "x", "o", "D", "d", "", "8", "s", "p", "*", "|", "_", "h", "H", 0, 4, "<", "3",
           1, 5, ">", "4", 2, 6, "^", "2", 3, 7, "v", "1", "None", None, " ", ""]
descripts = ["point", "plus", "pixel", "cross", "circle", "diamond", "thin diamond", "",
             "octagon", "square", "pentagon", "star", "vertical bar", "horizontal bar", "hexagon 1", "hexagon 2",
             "tick left", "caret left", "triangle left", "tri left", "tick right", "caret right", "triangle right", "tri right",
             "tick up", "caret up", "triangle up", "tri up", "tick down", "caret down", "triangle down", "tri down",
             "Nothing", "Nothing", "Nothing", "Nothing"]
fig, ax = plt.subplots(1, 1, figsize=(14, 4))
for x, y, m, d in zip(xs.T.flat, ys.T.flat, markers, descripts):
    ax.scatter(x, y, marker=m, s=100)
    ax.text(x + 0.1, y - 0.1, d, size=14)

Matplotlib Color Cycle

In [6]:
from itertools import cycle
def mplcolors():
    fav_colors = [
        '#1abc9c', '#2ecc71', '#3498db', '#9b59b6', '#34495e', 
        '#16a085', '#27ae60', '#2980b9', '#8e44ad', '#2c3e50',
        '#f1c40f', '#e67e22', '#e74c3c', '#ecf0f1', '#95a5a6',
        '#f39c12', '#d35400', '#c0392b', '#bdc3c7', '#7f8c8d'
    return cycle(fav_colors)


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