Selected Publications

Using a scanning, single channel spectrograph, we identify the lighting technologies in use in the NYC
In Sensors, 2016.

We demonstrate the concept of capturing the 120 Hz flicker of lights across a NYC skyline which helps us to observe the rapid changes in the phase of individual housing units. Such signal changes can indicate the health of distribution transformers.
In ACM BuildSys ‘16, 2016.

Recent Publications

Hyperspectral survey of NYC lighting technology


Hypertemporal Imaging of NYC Grid Dynamics

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Dynamics of the Urban Lightscape

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Encrypting the web traffic is a standard practice today. It is used by almost everyone regardless of whether you are a Bank making sure your customers feel safe to use online services, an e-commerce website trying to gain the confidence of your customers or just another blog writer who wants to look cool with the nice green lock in the address bar. In today’s world and with the recent developments/ enhancements in the TLS security (check the draft for v1.


I love Jupyter notebooks! They are great for experimenting and playing around with the ideas. I always liked the idea of using a single web based application for writing code snippets, visualizations, creating presentations and even blogging!




A 15 screen vizwall using a network of Raspberry Pi’s


Commandline tool written in python to interface with the devices over the network using AMQP using rabbitmq


CUSP Urban Imaging Capture

Sounds of New York City (Sonyc)

Sonyc is a novel cyberphysical system that consists of a hybrid, distributed network of sensors deployed in the NYC that makes use of cutting-edge machine listening methods to constantly provide a rich description of their acoustic environment.


Masters Thesis on developing a cost efficient technique for performing persistent and synoptic observation of the lighting in city which can be used a proxy for understanding and improving the quality of life of people. This project aims to build an IoT infrastructure to further facilitate the research presented in Dynamics of Urban Lightscape on a larger and granular scale


I am a teaching instructor for the following courses at New York University:

  • CUSP-GX 6004C
    A three week course on Internet of Things and Microservices.

  • CUSP-GX 1001         
    Urban Computing Skills Lab – A summer bootcamp serving as an introduction to python and some of the packages from scientific stack

  • CUSP-GX 9004.005
    Advanced Topics in Urban Informatics (Wireless Sensor and Networking)

    Technical workshop on Writing Idiomatic Python, Python Packaging and creating static websites using python

Students Advised

  • Denis Khryashchev
    2015-16 NYU CUSP Master’s Student
    Social Pattern Detection by Analysis of Dowlink Cellular Spectrum